Klára Petříková

Klára is a postdoc at the Department of English Language and ELT methodology specializing in philological, commented translations of medieval texts, with special interest in devotional literature of the English High Middle Ages (esp. anchoritic, mystical texts).

She also taught history of the English language (at Akcent College) and currently teaches English at the Faculty of Humanities.


  • Petříková, K.: S Pánem Bohem zazděná, Průvodce pro poustevnice. Praha: Filozofická fakulta Univerzita Karlova, 2019.
  • Petříková, K.: Women as Readers, Women as the Subject of Early English Devotional Literature (Especially in the Example of Ancrene Wisse). In: KRAJNÍK, Filip – PETŘÍKOVÁ, Klára. Women Across Borders. Representing Female Piety in Medieval England. 1. vyd. Brno: Masarykova Univerzita v Brně (forthcoming).
  • Petříková, K.: The Evil Tale of the Evil Briselda, Griselda’s Wicked Counterpart in a Less Known Czech Medieval Moral Story. In: BROWN, Peter – ČERMÁK, Jan. England and Bohemia in the Age of Chaucer. Woodbridge: Boydell&Brewer (forthcoming)
  • Petříková, K.: Oblak nevědění. Praha: Argo (forthcoming)


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