Online Teaching (Winter Term 2020)

This term, teaching will start online. We are all as unhappy about it as you probably are but that is all we can do, besides following some basic rules which actually make the experience more tolerable. Your teachers will write to you with the details of your courses, so please keep your own e-mail address in SIS updated.

If you have any problems in your courses or otherwise during the semester, please let us know. Feel free to contact you course instructors, or any other members of the department. Office hours, unless otherwise agreed, will be also held online in MS Teams (see below). You can find any member of the department using the Teams search (top of the screen) and text them in their office hours that you want to talk to them. They will get back to you, as soon as they are free.
Almost anything can be worked out, as long as you let us know early enough. 

A few basic recommendations to observe in online seminars

Here is a list of basic recommendations which apply to any online meeting with the department. Please consider observing them as much as you can.

  • online attendance is compulsory, the maximum number of absences is usually 3, or as stipulated in SIS for each course. Any additional absence during the pandemic must be remedied by additional work by individual arrangement with the course instructor
  • if possible keep your cameras on so that the others can see you – it is more natural this way and the teacher can see you are actually physically there; with 1st year students this helps your teacher remember your names
  • when you are not talking, turn your microphone off and only turn it on when you want to say something
  • consider if wearing pyjamas suits the occasion
  • make sure you attend from a place where you can concentrate (e.g. avoid driving a car at the same time or having a bath)
  • be ready to react to questions throughout the seminar
  • speak clearly
  • raise your hand (press the appropriate icon) if you want to contribute to the discussion so that the teacher knows you want to speak
  • unless so instructed by your teacher, use the chatroom only very sparingly as too much chatting is hugely distractive for everyone, including the teacher
  • be prepared to be put into smaller groups during the online seminar for certain exercises that involve discussions.

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