Pozvánka na přednášky Prof. Gisle Andersena

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The pragmatic turn in studies of borrowing and language contact

Thursday 13 December 15:50 – 17:20, room 300


Prof. Gisle Andersen will give an overview of the ‘pragmatic turn’ towards functional approaches to language contact, followed by an account of some case studies drawn from his own previous work on Anglicisms. These cover topics such as borrowing of expletives and politeness markers, the chance of semantic prosody of borrowings over time, and phraseological borrowing.

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Topics in Corpus Pragmatics

Wednesday 12 December,  14:10-15:45, room 104


Prof. Gisle Andersen will talk about how the use of corpus data has informed research into different aspects of pragmatics, such as discourse markers, tag questions, politeness phenomena and interjections.

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