English Language and Linguistics


  • language of instruction: English
  • annual fee: 110 000 CZK
  • final deadline for 2018/2019 entry applications: 31 March 2018
  • dates od entrance exams:
    • written test: 4 June 2018, 9:00, room 104
    • interview – 5 June 2018, 9:00, room 111
    • additional (extra) date: 21 June 2018, test – 8:30, interview – 14:00
  • (if you cannot take the examination on the regular date, you have to apply for the extra date at http://www.ff.cuni.cz/prijimaci-rizeni/prubeh-prijimaciho-rizeni/zadost-nahradni-termin/ )


  • Entrance examination: two-round assessment

1st round – written test (max. 50 points, 90 minutes)

  • linguistic analysis of an English text (morphological description of word classes, syntactic analysis of simple and multiple sentences, basic principles of word-formation and lexical semantics, general knowledge of the history of the English language, knowledge of the Czech functional description of the grammatical system and the relevant grammatical categories)

2nd round – interview (interview, max. 50 points)

  1. to assess the applicant’s motivation for studying the English language and linguistics
    (in which the applicant is expected to demonstrate a keen interest in the English language and linguistics and a general idea of employment possibilities after graduation)
  2. to assess the applicant’s knowledge of the English grammatical system (which is
    expected to correspond to that following completion of a BA degree in English linguistics at a major Czech university) and language skills (including an appropriate command of academic English, both written and spoken, and knowledge of linguistic terminology).

sample test Nmgr Test 2016-KEY

No exemptions are granted from the entrance examination.  

No certificates of English proficiency are required.

The language of tuition (and communication within the department and the faculty) is English. However, some knowledge of Czech is highly recommended since the approach to the English language and linguistics is often contrastive, comparing English and Czech. The students may also be required to read some secondary literature in Czech.

The graduate of the English Language and Linguistics

The graduate of this programme will have acquired a sound mastery of both practical and specialized English in philology and other disciplines within the humanities, and will possess a comprehensive knowledge of the theory, methodology and practical applications of English linguistics. He or she will have a wide range of employment opportunities in all areas where an excellent knowledge of English and an open and informed attitude and all-round versatility are required. The most promising graduates continue with their studies in postgraduate programmes in the Czech Republic or abroad.

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